An Open Letter to the Internet…

Dear Internet,

We see each other every day. In fact, we are rarely ever separated for longer than 20 minutes when I am awake. Even when I’m not browsing the web, I am sending emails, receiving emails, watching Netflix, sending Snapchats or receiving Snapchats, listening to Spotify, or using my phone’s map or weather apps.

Let’s face it, we are ALWAYS connected. But I’m not here to thank the Internet for ruining my social life (I never even had one to begin with) or for making my vision bad (it was bound to go some day). I am here to thank the Internet for introducing me to things such as Ringo Starr’s latest endeavor – Microsoft Paint artwork! See Ringo’s website here.


“Elaphant Foot” by Ringo Starr

But the Internet is also a place to learn. The Internet is home to Wikipedia, which teaches us important things about Liechtenstein, like this fun fact:

“The Liechtenstein army had a successful time in World War I, the 80 men were sent to guard a little used Italian mountain pass and saw almost no action. On their march home, they befriended an Austrian who they took back to Vaduz with them, arriving in Liechtenstein a stronger force than when they had left.”

The Internet is also home to Craigslist, where we find our jobs, and YouTube, where we watch 400 videos in a row. The Internet is home to Facebook, where we gather the nerve to argue with people we don’t even know about subjects we’re not really educated on. It is home to Amazon and Netflix, which are slowly taking over the world. The Internet is where you did all your research for that 15 page research paper and where you got the flash cards for that exam you were totally unprepared for.

So thank you, Internet, for all your information, games, videos, shopping, and strange memes. We literally could not get by without you.


The World.


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